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Bring it. 

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Slowly plotting the Harlequin challenge fic. The real challenge here is to make it about 5k words and not much longer. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up with a 75k fic that I’ll never be able to finish…

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Those sneakers…

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stopping erik’s nefarious plans is literally this easy, take one for the team charles



I’ll probably just wear T-shirts forever.

In answer to the question: I don’t think they are, no. I think they get the impression that the only people who wear their clothes are women who are slender and small-boobed and do not have protruding nipples so they can actually go without a bra.

That or they think women have the option of 9000 different styles of bra that fit, rather than realizing that the reason there are 9000 different styles of bra is so that MAYBE just ONE of them will fit.




Oh Charles…

HIS FAAAAACE!!! Hippie!mutant!Jesus and his fucking angelic beauty I can’t!

Not gonna lie, I loved this look on him. Love hippie Jesus!Charles, sue me.


James McAvoy + eyes

This obviously is an attempt to end my life!

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30 day writing challenge: small to large


Having trouble mustering up the willpower to write a lot of words in a day? This challenge will help you ease into it by starting small and building up.

Day One: Describe a Setting

Setting descriptions have to be short, or else they will bore the readers. See if you can get the entire atmosphere of a real or imagined place packed in to only a few sentences.

Day Two: Describe a Character

It doesn’t have to be one of your characters. Describe the physical and mental traits of somebody. It shouldn’t take very long.

Day Three: Drabble

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words. How much plot can you pack into 100 words?

Day Four: Two Drabbles

If you can write one, you can write two.

Day Five: Three Drabbles

Why am I making you write so many Drabbles? Because this way, you will know how to make up several ideas in a day even though you used up your first ideas earlier.

Day Six: Scene Rewrite

Rewrite a scene from one of your favorite works. No need to spend time figuring out what’s going to happen, since the scene was already written.

Day Seven: Original Scene

Think of a short scene and write the entire thing down. 

Day Eight: Original Scene that Includes Vampires

Writing with restrictions can make the process both easier and harder.

Day Nine: Original Scene that Takes Place in a Middle School

Day Ten: Beginning Scene for a Longer Work

Beginnings can be tough and it’s important to know how to do them.

Day Eleven: Ending Scene for a Longer Work

Endings are often the toughest parts of all. You have to tie everything together but at the same time it can’t look too neat or it loses its plausibility.

Day Twelve: Alternate Ending Scene

You can never have enough practice with endings.

Day Thirteen: 700 Words of Story

Day Fourteen: Write a Work of Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a story that takes up 1000 words or less from beginning to end.

Day Fifteen: Write Another Work of Flash Fiction

Day Sixteen: 1000 Words of Story

Day Seventeen: 1300 Words of Story

Day Eighteen: 1800 Words of Story

Day Nineteen: Write 2000 Words of Story

You have passed what most people write for their daily allotment during NaNoWriMo

Day Twenty: Write a Short Story

Short stories are generally 1000 to 5000 words long.

Day Twenty-One: Write Another, Longer Short Story

Day Twenty-Two: Write Yet Another, Longer Short Story

Again, the point is that you need to be able to think of ideas fast and often.

Day Twenty-Three: Write Two Chapters in a Longer Work

Day Twenty-Four: Write Three Chapters in a Longer Work

Day Twenty-Five: Edit the First Eight Days

Day Twenty-Six: Edit Days Nine Through Sixteen

Day Twenty-Seven: Edit Days Seventeen Through Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-Eight: Write 6000 Words

Day Twenty-Nine: Write as Many Words as You Can

Day Thirty: Write More Words than Yesterday

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oooh these sound really good! I’ve been a little down lately, definitely adding to my to-watch list :D

Let me know if you enjoyed them when you’ve watched them :)
Also *hugs*

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