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ciacconne said: normally, people have a pattern over the hot guys they like, so I guess it threw me off for a loop to find this guy. So far, all the hot guys I know happen to be British. That can’t be a coincidence. But you’re right. Tortured hot guy = hawt?

The thing is, he’s from Romania, so he isn’t American either. I suppose there’s some sort of exotism here?

See, I don’t think much of Cumberbatch or Hiddleston, and they’re everywhere. So I don’t think there’s a pattern here.

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ciacconne said: Is he like on the same level of hotness as McAvoy or fassbender or insert other hot British actor here but for America? I feel like I’m missing something here lol

Not my cup of tea *shrugs*

But his character in CATWS is a tortured soul, so I suppose people like that.

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ciacconne said: This is utterly off topic, but who the fuck is Sebastian Stan? That guy is all over my LJ friends feed and I’m like, who the fuck?! Lmao.

He’s the guy playing Bucky Barnes in Captain America.

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Watched (again) Piranha 3D yesterday, just to see this man.

Some pictures because he’s badass here :)

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster




slutty mcscary homosexual

Slutty McFucking Face

Oh dear, that’s unfortunate. :/

Super Beyonce Bitch

…I can live with that XD

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yo lil mama lemme inquire in yo ear: Same ordering anon. I think I understand, but it doesn't seem so healthy. The way you're wired is dangerous to your self esteem and it shows. Sorry for being harsh. I just wish I could offer what you need.

Thanks, Anon. I just deal with it *shrugs*

I mean, I know I’m often very annoying because when I’m ignored for too long, I need some reassurance and I ask for it. I’m sorry. But otherwise I’m insignificant, forgettable and pointless.

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yo lil mama lemme inquire in yo ear: Creepy question: what do you think about before you sleep? :D :D

It depends. Sometimes I think about what I’m going to do the next day. Sometimes, I imagine stories in my head. Sometimes, I relive something that happened to me before.

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yo lil mama lemme inquire in yo ear: Here's a personal question. Why do you care so much what other people think? Every time you do that, you are only hurting yourself. Stop it.

Wow Anon, it’s more an order than a question :)

I know I shouldn’t. But I’m incapable of judging my value by myself. I need to watch myself through other people’s eyes. You know the saying about how we can’t be sure that trees make a sound when they fall in the forest if no one’s here to hear them? Well, I don’t exist if people don’t see me. And I don’t mean admire or love, just see. Like “hey, I’m here”.

When I was young, I valued my teachers’ judgement. After that, it was my friends. Now it’s mostly dear husband, and my boss at work. If those people had never told me, at one point, that I was doing something well, I wouldn’t know it.

I have a very low self-esteem. My parents have always told me that everything was easy for me because I was smart and talented, and never valued the efforts I put into things. I’ve never had many friends, and even less intimate friends, because usually people don’t like me.

So yeah, I know I shouldn’t care about what people think, because most of the time we only are ignored by people, and I’ve suffered from jealousy and hate from other people most of my life. But at the same time, if I don’t care at all, I’m not sure I’d do anything, because it would be pointless: I would never know the value of my work.

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Pics or it didn’t happen lol

Not yet! Some of the items are a surprise for dear husband, and I wouldn’t him to see the pics :)

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