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Since I had no request for this week’s Sunday Movie Rec, I present to you: MY MOST FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!

Title is BULLET IN THE HEAD (1990, John Woo).

Warning: movie contains all the triggers you can think of (violence, war, death, blood, even drinking piss). It’s a violent movie, but violence IS the subject of the movie.

Summary found on IMDB (because I’m not sure I could explain the movie with my level of English): In 1967, on the way to the wedding of a friend, a young man is accosted by a local gang member. Later, the three friends administer justice, in the process of which the gang member is killed, so they leave Hong Kong to avoid the police and the gang. They run black market supplies to Saigon and get embroiled in the war, being arrested as Viet Cong, then later captured by the Viet Cong, and find that their friendship is tested to the limits as they try to escape.

In the roles of the three friends, you have Tony Leung Chiu Wai (In the mood for love), Waise Lee (Running out of time) and Jacky Cheung (my favorite singer of all time, but also one of the actors of Perhaps love, for instance). Their friendship is the movie’s foundation. It’s powerful, but also so sad! John Woo multiplies dramatic scenes, so heartwrenching that you may cry all the way through the movie.

For the record, it was planned to be a prequel to A better tomorrow (another Woo’s masterpiece), but since the director and the producer, Tsui Hark, had an argument, Woo made BULLET IN THE HEAD all by himself. While Tsui Hark used the same plot to shoot his own prequel to A better tomorrow (but BULLET IN THE HEAD is WAY better).

Note: I say it’s my favorite movie, because I think I watched it more than 50 times. When I was a teen, I would rent the video tape for a weekend (because it was the same price as for a day). From Friday night till Monday morning, I would watch it up to 3 times. And a couple of weeks later, I would do it again.

Years later, when I decided to listen to some HK pop, I was advised to try Jacky Cheung. It took me quite some times to recognize the guy who broke my heart in BULLET IN THE HEAD (as well as that lazy swordsman in Ashes of time). I fell in love with his voice.

If you think Cherik is tragic, you may reconsider after you’ve seen this movie.

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